Wallington Fire Department's 16th Holiday Parade

        Parade Registration for 2017                PLEASE Cut, Copy and Paste the Registration and Waiver                    INDIVIDUALLY,  and Send Back, thru snail, email or Fax                                                 

         Wallington Holiday Parade

Wallington Fire Department   Wallington Civic Center, Union Boulevard, Wallington, NJ 07057

 EMAIL:  Richard.Pelcher@gmail.com

Registration 2017

 PARADE DATE:  Sat.., Nov. 25, 2017  Reg.& Staging anytime to 5:00 pm      

Please Note: Absolutely NO DRINKING on top of any fire apparatus during parade.




ORGANIZATION _______________________________________


ORGANIZATION’S ADDRESS_____________________________________________



Person in Charge________________________________________

REACHABLE Cell Phone # ___________________________________


Email Address_____________________________________________ 


Total Number of Vehicles Attending____________________________


Total Personnel Attending__________________________________


NOTE:“Lengths not needed”













 Please complete as soon as possible or by the latest November 24, 2017

  Fax: (973) 779-4879     

 Or EMAIL TO: Richard.Pelcher@gmail.com Or Mail to Above Address   





                   Waiver  2017


Wallington FD Holiday Parade '17



Please fill this Waiver in, Sign It, and Fax it to: (973) 779-4879, or Email to Richard.Pelcher@gmail.com ,or regular mail



            Print Your FD, Company or Organization


In Consideration of the acceptance by the Wallington Fire Dept. of the entry of the undersigned in the Wallington Fire Department’s Holiday Parade to be held in the Borough of Wallington, NJ on Sat. Nov. 25, 2017, the undersigned does hereby remise, release, and forever discharge the said Wallington Fire Dept., the Borough of Wallington, NJ and their officers, representatives, successors or assigns of and from all and any manner of actions, cause of actions, suits, debts, trespasses, damage and injuries, which may be sustained to equipment or personnel as a result of its participation in activities in conjunction with the Wallington Fire Dept. Holiday Parade in the Borough of Wallington, NJ on Sat. Nov. 25,2017, and does hereby further covenant and agree to hold harmless and defend and to indemnify and keep indemnified the Wallington Fire Dept., the Borough of Wallington, NJ and their officers, representatives, successors, or assigns and to hold and save them harmless from and against all claims and damages whatsoever as result of said participation.


     Representative signature___________________________

     Print Name and Title______________________________


Wallington Fire Department’s Holiday Parade,

Civic Center, Union Blvd.

Wallington, NJ  07057



Major Parade Rules

You must Decorate your vehcile or float with Holiday Lights and Deorations


ABSOLUTELY NO DRINKIING on top of a fire truck during parade,.

 Please bring all your vehicles to the parade registration at once. We cannot honor any requests to have a late arriving vehicle be STAGED with you.  You must ALL arrive together.

 Absolutely No Santa Claus’s allowed on your vehicle. Santa and Mrs. Claus will arrive at the end of Parade

 Play Holiday Music  ONLY  9NO SIRENS0 ThisParade is for the Kids, please, please play Holiday Music ,


Absolutely NO Throwing of candy/toys off vehicles

 No “showing” of alcohol on vehicle.

 This is a Ride Thru Parade – No Walking Along Vehicles

 All vehicles MUST have a designated driver who will be banded as a non-drinker, and must be present at registration.

 All vehicles MUST STAY in the staging area at all times.

 All vehicles used for your entry must be in their assigned staging area by 5:30 PM. absolutely, no vehicles will be allowed in after 5:30 PM. Your entry must come as one group, we can’t accommodate any requests,

 There is NO MARCHING or WALKING - it is a RIDE THROUGH PARADE. Fire department and squad uniforms are not required. Holiday attire is requested.

 Use portable bathrooms at strategic locations in staging or the parade route. Be respectful and courteous if using a resident’s bathrooms. Please take your garbage with you, do not leave on road or in staging area.

 FLOATS MUST NOT BE WIDER THAN 12 FEET. The parade route goes thru the Wallington High School parking lot and the fences are only 12 feet wide.

 Vehicles and floats will be judged based on creativity, originality, and the use of lights, music and theme into your entry. We encourage you to use Holiday Music and to have your organization's banner, company name, or municipality displayed on the vehicle for the judges. If this is not displayed, your entry will not be judged.

 No entry may stop to perform at any point along the parade route. The only exception is for the judges at the reviewing stand area. If your vehicle breaks down, leave / push it off to the side of the route. Parade marshals along the route will monitor entries.

 Absolutely no Santa or Santa costumes will be allowed on any vehicle or float or your entry will be disqualified. Santa and Mrs. Claus are on the last Wallington Fire Truck.

 Vehicles with floats may not exceed 45 total feet in length and 13 feet in height this includes the towing vehicle. Please do not put an inflatable character(s) on top of fire apparatus or floats that will exceed height restriction. There are very low hanging wires and branches along the parade route. This is very important so our parade can move along at a reasonable pace.

 No water (hose streams, extinguishers, etc.) is permitted at any time prior to, during, or following the parade.

 Any company, department or organization not adhering to these above rules will be immediately disqualified from all trophies and prohibited from entering future holiday parades in Wallington.